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Why Clay Bricks Are Still Popular As Building Materials?

Posted by Admin on October, 29, 2019

Clay bricks are counted among the ancient building materials. Even it has been used by the people of Babylon for more than 5000 years back. Wholesale clay bricks suppliers in Mohanpura still doing a great business and will do in the near future too due to the structural capacity, environmental impacts, durability and energy performance of the clay bricks.

How clay bricks are manufactured?

The traditional method used to prepare clay bricks is the soft mud method or by forming moulds. The modern commercial production process involves extrusion of clay through die and wire-cutting so that the desired size is achieved. Then the shaped clay is needed to get dried using fire and so kiln is used. In the warm regions, only sun-drying can also achieve the desired final strength for the clay bricks.

Actually the heat offered to the clay infuses a sintering process which makes the clay particles fused and it generates powerful ceramic bonds for the burnt clay materials. These bonds are highly stable and so the clay bricks become able to survive severe weather conditions and are lethargic to almost every natural chemical attack.

What are the advantages of using clay bricks?

  1. Aesthetic appeal – due to the manufacturing process, bricks achieve infinite and natural colour of burnt clay. During the process of firing, the colour formation is reached via an intricate physio-chemical reaction. Compared to the colour of the stained figure, the colour of the brick is permanent and do not get hampered due to the weathering process. The different colours of clays are mainly happen due to kiln atmosphere, firing temperature and compositions of clay.

  2. Acoustic and thermal insulation – Clay bricks offer better thermal insulation than other materials used for building constructions like concrete. Perforation can enhance the property of thermal insulation to a great extent. Apart from that the bricks induce moisture and thermal mass due to which it maintains apparently constant temperature inside the building. Clay bricks built wall has dense structure and thus offers good sound insulation.

  3. No maintenance cost – No maintenance is required for clay bricks. A substitute material for wall can save huge money in the time of building a house. Maintenance its exterior like painting it can cost a lot according to the size of the house. Clay bricks only cost higher in the beginning. In addition to that at the first time of painting it does not rot, dent, warp, rust, split, peel, fade or termite.

  4. Fire resistance – A building is fire resistant means its walling element can resist fire for a long time. Clay brick walls acquire extreme fire ratings. Hence, the owner of the house can save a lot over insurance premiums.

  5. Flexible in operation – Clay bricks offer higher compressive strength. So, the loadbearing structure it offers can save labour, time and materials cost.

You can contact the reputed suppliers in town to get wholesale clay bricks in Mohanpura which are found with convenient sizes and shapes for all sorts of construction works.

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